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We are Wholesale Genuine Italian Leather Hide Supplier of the finest genuine Italian Lambskin, Goat skins, and Leather Hides. We sell premium leather directly to the public at wholesale prices. Our genuine Italian leather hides can be used for clothing, garments, handbags, crafts, and costumes. Which is suitable for manufacturers to those starting a personal project.

We maintain an extensive and diverse array of colors, textures, and finishes in our inventory. Which is ready for your immediate delivery. Samples available! We are your direct source of premium, high-quality Italian Lambskin, Goat Skins, leather Hides at wholesale prices.

Our specialty in Lambskin, Sheepskins, Goat Skin Hides. It allows us to be involved with all stages of leather production. The care and feeding of healthy animals, assures a consistent selection of finished hides. All production is done in ITALY where meticulous care is taken during processing. If you are a manufacturer and are interested in an order that is over 300 Sq. Ft. The price will be reduced to meet your budget!

Feel free to contact us: e-mail for additional information.

2815 Camino Del Rio S, Suite #285
San Diego, California, 92108, U.S.A.

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